GMCDP receives many enquiries around issues relating to disabled people.

Some of the most frequent and reoccurring questions have been collated for this webpage. We hope that you find the information included below useful.

We will be periodically updating this page as new enquiries come up, so if you have a question which is not covered below, please do feel free to get in touch on 0161 636 7534 or email us your query on info [at]

There are a few organisations which produce fact sheets on a variety of benefits, which are included in this section.

Citizen’s Advice:

Disability Rights UK website:

Easier to read booklet about changes in benefits on the People First webpage:

Benefits and Work website (limited information is available free. GMCDP may be able to send you the more detailed guidance):

It is harder to get support with completing forms and applying for benefits now, and many organisations that offer support have limited resources. GMCDP will update this list periodically, so keep checking, and please let us know of any services you know about in your local area.

If you live in a housing association property or other social housing, it may be your housing association give support to apply for benefits to their tenants.  It is worth contacting your housing agency directly.

Find your local Citizen’s Advice at:

Manchester residents:

Gaddum Centre Welfare Rights Service supports ‘vulnerable’ Manchester residents with welfare rights, debt.

Phone: 0161 214 3904


Advice and support with benefits from the appeal stage.

Phone:,3225991&source=js_tag&a_id=48945 0344 515 1640

Email: manchester [at]


Address: Ground Floor, Victoria House, 5 Samuel Ogden Street, Manchester M1 7AX

This section provides some links to information on how to apply for a blue badge.  As rules and guidelines differ across Greater Manchester Boroughs, we have also included links to each local council’s blue badge information.

You can apply for a Blue Badge online through the Directgov website:


Initial Enquiry Support Service

Tel: 0343 100 1000

Email: bluebadge [at]

For information from each of the Greater Manchester districts go to:











A lot of people refer to these as “bus passes”. For information and application forms for a GM National Concessionary Travel Pass, go to the Transport for Greater Manchester webpage:

This is often referred to as taxi vouchers. To find out about them go to the Transport for Greater Manchester webpage:

Many crimes against disabled people go unreported because of confusion over who to report the crime to. Many people are wary of the potential consequences of reporting crime, whilst there is also a perception that the police and legal authorities will not believe them. This section provides information on the various ways to report a hate crime.

If it is an emergency situation ring 999.

If you do not use voice calls, register with Emergency SMS to send a text. Register on the website.

If it is not an emergency, call 101 or Greater Manchester police on

0161 872 5050. If you use a text phone, contact 18001 101.


Report the incident through the True Vision website at:

You can report the incident to Crimestoppers by

Phone 0800 555111


There are some places called ‘third party reporting centres’, which will take a report of a hate incident or crime from you. There are a lot of these centres; a full list of which can be found here: