What is GMCDP?

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) is a Disabled People’s Organisation, which means it is controlled and run by disabled people only. All Executive Council members and staff positions are only available to disabled people. This is because as an organisation we feel it is essential for disabled people to have our own voice and our own control of our organisation. GMCDP does however welcome the support and involvement of non-disabled allies, who appreciate that control of our own organisations is an essential part of disabled people achieving control over our own lives.

GMCDP is a membership organisation, and our members are at the centre of everything we do. The organisation is led by members who are elected onto the Executive Council, and staffed by a small team.

GMCDP recognises that disabled people are discriminated against in all areas of society, and actively opposes the segregation of disabled people. All of our projects, campaigns and the activities of the Coalition are geared towards fighting against this discrimination and segregation.

What are GMCDP’s aims?

  • Promote the independence and integration of disabled people in society
  • Identify and challenge the discrimination faced by disabled people in society today
  • Encourage and support the self-organisation of disabled people
  • Ensure disabled people have equal rights in society and in access to opportunities

GMCDP’s commitment to its members

GMCDP is committed to seeing improvements in disabled people’s lives, and through our activities seeks to bring about positive changes. GMCDP does this through working with our membership to achieve the following:

  • Campaigning for disabled people
  • Lobbying those in power
  • Influencing policy decisions relating to disabled people
  • Advocating for and on behalf of disabled people
  • Representing disabled people of Greater Manchester
  • Ensuring that the organisation gains contracts for projects which will advantage/support disabled people, in particular young disabled people

By carrying out these activities, GMCDP hopes to bring about real change. As a membership organisation, we work to be a vehicle for our members to have a voice and access to opportunities, as well as carry out work to remove the barriers disabled people face. 

What do we do?

GMCDP campaigns to promote the rights of disabled people and our inclusion in society. We provide information of use and interest to disabled people, publishing information sheets, bulletins and other publications. We also run events, membership meetings, and training courses. Whilst carrying out all of these activities we actively promote the understanding and implementation of The Social Model of disability, which underpins all our work.

We also take part in consultations with voluntary and statutory organisations, both locally and nationally, to ensure that equality and accessibility is embedded into the development of local policies and services. We run a number of projects for young disabled people aged 15 -30, to offer information, training and peer support. Members and volunteers play a crucial and integral part in the work of GMCDP, so get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how you can get involved.