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Become a member today and support Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People, and strengthen the voice of disabled people in Greater Manchester.

GMCDP is a Disabled People’s Organisation, which is made up of 100% disabled people.  GMCDP is a membership organisation, which is led by members who are elected onto the Executive Council, and staffed by a small team.  It is essential to the organisation that our membership is strong, to ensure we are representative of disabled people in Greater Manchester, and are held accountable by an active and diverse membership.  By joining GMCDP, you will be helping to support our vision, our mission, and be a part of fulling our aims as an organisation. 


For those interested in becoming a more active member, there is plenty for you to get involved in.  This could take the form of getting involved in our campaigns, submitting articles for our Coalition magazine, or joining our Executive Board.  There are so many ways you can be involved, and we welcome our members to be as active as possible.

Why you should become a member:

  • Access to information
  • Access to skills, knowledge and experience
  • Access to support, and where appropriate, signposting
  • Influence local and regional thinking and decision making
  • Be informed, consulted and engaged
  • Opportunities for networking and peer support through our membership meetings
  • Be kept informed of policy developments which affect disabled people
  • Opportunity to have your voice heard
  • Opportunities to get involved through GMCDP core activities as well as projects
  • Support GMCDP in its mission to: promote the independence and inclusion of disabled people in society; to identify and challenge the discrimination faced by disabled people in society today; and to encourage and  support the self-organisation of disabled people


What you could give as a member:

  • Your support through your membership
  • Your voice/input as a disabled person
  • Your involvement in GMCDP activities such as campaigning or lobbying
  • Promote our work and act as an advocate for GMCDP
  • Be committed to effecting positive change through your support of GMCDP
  • Signpost/notify GMCDP of disability-related events in your area

Membership Fees and Donations

GMCDP is currently running a membership drive, and therefore we are waiving our usual membership fees.  If you would, however, like to make a donation, we would greatly appreciate this.

What your donation goes towards:

Donations go towards covering the core costs of the organisation and enable us to carry out key pieces of work for the benefit of members.  Some of these include the following:

  • Meeting Access Requirements at events, sessions and workshops not funded by projects
  • Producing the Coalition Magazine
  • Providing information in accessible formats
  • Enables us to run membership meetings/membership events