Within this part of our website you can find some of the beliefs and values which the organisation holds, which informs all the work we do.

Position Statements

This page includes our position statements on areas such as assisted suicide, inclusive education and rights vs charity.

Terminology and Language

GMCDP believes that the language we use to describe things relating to disability and impairment to be highly important. This page explains both the language we use, and the reasons why.

Social Model

GMCDP follows the Social Model, and this informs all of the work we do. This page explains the Social Model, and why it is so important.

The 7 Needs of Independent Living

The 7 Needs of Independent Living were created in the 1980’s by disabled people, and they form the basis of a level playing field for disabled people.  This page outlines both what the 7 Needs of Independent Living are, as well as why they are so important.