illustration of an open green hand with the GMCDP logo, ten thick black "spokes" radiating from a hollow inner circle. Above the harnd is a double ended arrow signifying movement, as in "hello"


We are an organisation of disabled people: run and controlled by disabled people.

  • We campaign to promote the rights of disabled people and our inclusion in society
  • We provide information of use and interest to disabled people
  • We run events, members' meetings, and training courses
  • We encourage and support the self-organisation of disabled people
  • We take part in consultations with voluntary and statutory organisations to ensure that equality and accessibility is embedded into the development of  policies and services

Whilst carrying out all of these activities we actively promote the understanding and implementation of the Social Model of Disability, which underpins all our work.

Illustration of our logo, which is a ten thick black :spokes" radiating from a central white circle, alongside four rightward pointing arrowing indicating movement forward.

We are a membership organisation and our members are at the centre of everything that we do. It's currently free to join. You can find out more about membership and sign up here

We welcome support from non-disabled allies, who can join as associate members.

If you'd like to donate, you can do so here.

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