Our staff

Below is a list of all of our staff members, and the roles they play in the organisation. All staff members are committed to, and work towards, campaigning for full participation, access and engagement of disabled people in mainstream society. GMCDP achieves this through its projects, provision of information, hosting of events, involvement in consultation and by contribution from its membership on specific campaigns which are designed to effect positive change for and with disabled people.

Project Worker | Disabled People's Archive
ella [at] gmcdp.com
07897 930 450
Greater Manchester Mayor Disabled People's Panel (GMMDPP) Strategic Lead
jane [at] gmcdp.com
07940 797363
Archive Lead | Disabled People's Archive
luke [at] gmcdp.com
Maureen Day
Project Worker | Benefits Advice (Manchester Only)
maureen [at] gmcdp.com
07782 556033
Nicola McDonagh
nicola [at] gmcdp.com
07728 020 696
photograph shows Orla, who is a white person with short light brown hair.
Administrator | communications
orla [at] gmcdp.com
07782 540 531
Greater Manchester Mayor Disabled People's Panel (GMMDPP) Outreach and Development Lead
rick [at] gmcdp.com
07367 754 595
Access and inclusion worker | Disabled People's Archive
steve [at] gmcdp.com
07915 295 864

GMCDP's Executive Council

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People is a membership organisation of disabled people. The organisation is led by an Executive Council which is elected annually by the membership. The Executive Council takes the strategic lead for GMCDP, not only deciding on what our priorities are but also the direction of the organisation and any work that it undertakes.

Any member can nominate themselves or another willing member for consideration for the Executive Council. At our Annual General Meeting, prospective Executive Members are formally nominated and seconded. For more information on becoming a member of GMCDP’s Executive Council – please email us at: info [at] gmcdp.com or call us on 0161 636 7534

Photo shows Dennis Queen smiling, seated in a wheelchair. Dennis is white, she wears glasses and has short hair dyed in the colours of the trans pride flag
exec [at] gmcdp.com
exec [at] gmccdp.com
exec [at] gmcdp.com