Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People has some funded projects running for disabled people across Greater Manchester.

GMCDP Manchester Disabled People’s Project

The Manchester Disabled People’s Project empowers disabled adults of all ages who live in Manchester City to be in charge of our own lives and well-being, by enabling us to learn how to effectively respond to and challenge discrimination, how to express our access needs within our relationships and the wider community, how to advocate for accessibility and fair and equal treatment of oneself and other people, and how to resist and dismantle disablist discrimination in all its forms.


Young Disabled People Advice & Advocacy Project

Young Disabled People Advice & Advocacy Project is a service for young people who identify as disabled and are in crisis. Many young disabled people experience (or have experienced) discrimination and barriers because they have impairments. This project is flexible in that it allows for the advice/advocacy offered to be tailored to the needs of the individual (within the boundaries of the project).


GMCDP currently runs training sessions for young disabled people and service providers. Young disabled people can receive some intervention work in positive self image. Service providers can access Disability Action Training.