What is the GMCDP Advocacy Project and who is it for?

GMCDP provides an advice/advocacy service for young people who identify as disabled and are in crisis. Many young disabled people experience (or have experienced) discrimination and barriers because they have impairments. This might include (but is not limited to) young people who:   

• Are mobility impaired    
• Have poor mental health   
• Are hearing impaired or deaf 
• Have a ‘hidden’ impairment
• Are learning disabled
• Are visually impaired or blind
• Have multiple impairment issues
• Have a ‘hidden’ health issue


What kinds of situations can I seek advice/advocacy on?

This project is flexible in that it allows for the advice/advocacy offered to be tailored to the needs of the individual (within the boundaries of the project).  Some examples of what you can access advice/advocacy on include the following:

• Where there are barriers for you to getting the right support, especially when making the transition to adult services

• You would like support in expressing your views and wishes to service providers (both voluntary and statutory)

• You would like some advice/assistance in claiming specific disability related benefits (for example, Personal Independence Payment (PIP))

• You would like support in applying for housing in Manchester

Limits of the Advocacy project – what can’t this project do?

 The GMCDP Advocacy project is unable to provide the following:

• In depth benefit advice which isn’t relating to disability

• Legal Advice or legal advocacy

•Independent Mental Incapacity Advocacy

•Tribunal Representation when challenging benefit decisions

• Complex, lengthy community care act issues where there is dispute over care assessments

• This project is not an immediate crisis service

Who can access advice/advocacy support through this service?

Due to conditions of funding, this project is only available to young people who meet the following criteria:

• Are 15-25 years of age

•Live within Manchester City Council boundaries

•Are experiencing, or likely to experience crisis without advice/advocacy

•Are not subject to immigration or home office restrictions

If you are interested accessing support, or finding out more about the project, please get in touch with our Advice & Advocacy Project worker, Maureen Day:

Telephone: 0161 636 7535

Email: maureen [at] gmcdp.com

Please note that Maureen works part time, Monday – Wednesday, 9.30am-3.00pm