Disability Action Training

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People deliver training sessions to service providers who work with disabled people. These sessions are centered on the Social Model of Disability, and how this translates into working practices, attitudes, and the language we use. The aim of the session is to have a candid and non-judgmental look at your understanding of the social model, and how this impacts on your interactions with disabled people.

Disability Action Training (DAT) looks at how you make your service more accessible to disabled people, as well as examples of best practice but leaves you with an action to follow up to make sure that this training is embedded into your service. We can deliver this session as part of a staff training day, staff meeting, or as a standalone session, and it would take anywhere from 1.5 hours to a half-day session, depending on your availability. This training is best delivered to smaller groups (no more than 10 ideally) as this allows for better discussion and group work, however we are flexible on this point.


15-19 year old Young Disabled People

We also have provisions to run free training sessions with young disabled people across Greater Manchester. We are going into colleges, youth services, and groups (anywhere where young disabled people between the ages of 15-19 go) – to work with young disabled people on the social model of disability, positive self-image and self-confidence. We usually carry out 2-3 sessions, and although these sessions are tailored to each provider/group of young people. The sessions will include:

  • What does Disability mean to you?
  • The Social Model of Disability and how barriers impact our lives
  • Creating an change/action to challenge barriers

If you run a group of 15-19 year old young disabled people (or can bring a group of young disabled individuals together) and are interested in organising a session, do get in touch.

If you are interested in us coming and delivering a session, or would like to discuss this opportunity further, please do get in touch:

Brett Savage: brett [at]  0161 636 7538

Nicola McDonagh: nicola [at]  0161 636 7538