GMCDP regularly produces information bulletins, and information sheets on topics we think will be interesting to and useful for disabled people.

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Emergency Self Advocacy Tips

Disabled people’s chances of benefiting from treatment if they have COVID-19 must not be influenced by how our lives are valued by society.  The guidelines being used both within the UK and internationally means that disabled people may not...

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Documents for GMCDP AGM 23rd January 2020

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Coalition Magazine: June 2019: The GMCDP Archive Edition

The latest issue of Coalition magazine is dedicated to the formation of the GMCDP Archive based at Manchester Central Library.

The Accessibles #3 - Access Denied: Until Future Notice

In the third issue of the award winning The Accessibles, the team travel into the future to have a look at how The Social Model Of Disability is implemented to make society...


Panel Application Documents

The Accessibles #2 - Disability Hate Crime: What It Is And How To Report It

In the last issue...