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A discussion about Disability and Technology, facilitated by Inga. 

In these modern times most of us use some kind of technology every day. What are the ways everyday tech can enable those of us who are disabled? For example, for those of us with mobile phones, does using maps and directions make the world more accessible for people who find traveling difficult?

We have more amazing assistive technology than ever, aimed at making it easier for us to function in a practical sense and find more accessible ways to live our lives. 

But who gets access to these technologies and are we disadvantaged here sometimes? - for example, most people don't qualify for an NHS electric powered wheelchair until they are falling regularly - even though many more people can't access the outside world without one.

There will be live captions. Please let us know if you have other access requirements.

This event is for GMCDP members. You can join here. Membership is free.

10th October 2022 6:00 PM through  8:00 PM
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