Paul Hunt was one of the founders of the Disabled People's Movement in Britain, and one of the first activists to argue for the social model of disability. Unfortunately, most of his writings have been out of print for nearly fifty years.

Two new, free, ebooks have been released to give disabled activists a better understanding of Hunt's life and thought, and of the social and political situation of disabled people in the 1960s and '70s. One is a collection of all of Hunt's writings, and the other is his diary of conflict between residents and staff at a Leonard Cheshire Home in 1962 over new rules forced on residents.


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Photograph of Joe Whittaker, a white man in his 50s. He is outside in nature with a lake or river behind him and green leaves of a tree. He is facing the camera and smiling. He is wearing a red t-shirt with the slogan "we know inclusion works" in large bold capital lettering in yellow.

It is with great sadness that the Coalition heard today that our dear friend and colleague, Joe W

News Date: 02/03/2023