The Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People has a long and proud history of campaigning for the rights of disabled people. It’s fair to say that in the 30+ years of our existence, that we have been one of the most active, effective and well respected disabled people’s organisation in the country. All of this has been achieved in no small measure by its members.

One of the most important things that any organisation should guard itself against is resting on its laurels and falling into complacency. It is massively important that our organisation remains at the forefront of disability issues and politics and is actively engaged with the disabled people’s movement.

As part of a recruitment drive, we have decided to suspend membership fees for the time being in the hope that we can recruit more new people into GMCDP. Maybe you have just joined the GMCDP and are wondering how you could get more involved?


Do you know of any disabled people in Greater Manchester? How about convincing them to join with us? There are approximately 500,000 disabled people living in Greater Manchester. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get if we could get a large portion of them to join with us?

Now is probably a great time as membership will be free for the upcoming year. Join up here

As always, we aim to meet everyone’s access needs, so all of our materials are available in a number of accessible formats.

Get involved!

As a grass roots membership organisation, we rely on our members getting involved. There can be many ways to do that. Do you have skills that you can lend to the organisation? For example, could you submit something for this magazine (that could be an article, poetry, a cartoon etc... so long as it follows the central theme of disability issues). Could you ‘live Tweet’ at one of our events?


As a grass roots campaigning organisation, it is vital for GMCDP to be involved in political activism. We are not allied to any political party so retain our independence on all issues. Activism can come in many forms from protesting, campaigning and direct action, but it can also be done via Social Media or letter writing campaigns. Planning is also a vital part of activism. Could you support GMCDP with its activism?

Support our events and workshops!

GMCDP regularly holds events and workshops. These events can be informative and fun. Find out what is going on the website. 

Social Media

GMCDP has both a Facebook and Twitter account. Why not join us and get involved with the conversation?

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More News

We have a brief window of time to affect the upcoming budget on Thursday November 17th.

News Date: 09/11/2022


Paul Hunt was one of the founders of the Disabled People's Movement in Britain, and one of the fi

News Date: 12/10/2022