The New Campaign Group had its first meeting on Wednesday 5th April. The meetings will be every two weeks and alternate between daytime and evening meetings, so as the first was at 1:30pm the next is at 6:30pm on Wednesday 19th April, please register here, and the one after that will be 1:30pm again, so that people with different schedules get a chance to attend.

We talked about:

Two types of campaign:

Strategic- large issues affecting many.

Peer- smaller issues we support each other to solve.

Self care is important.

How to prioritise issues-

Ask yourself:

  • How many people are affected by it?
  • What is the severity of the effect?
  • What is the opportunity to cause change?

GMCDP current campaigns we are involved in (with links to take action)- 

  • Stop care charges Send letter
  • Voter ID About | Sing the Petition
  • Support Edenfield inquiry calls with CHARM Contact
  • Rail access News
  • DWP Algorithm case with Foxglove Link
  • Upcoming: Conservative Party conference 1-4 October 2023 Manchester Central

Additional ideas: 

  • Campaign for general advocacy to help with DWP, Social Care, Mental Health system.
  • Gaining & Enforcing a ban on Pavement Blocking Parking.
  • Importance of Strategic campaigning.

Links to items we discussed:

CHARM Community for Holistic, Accessible, Rights Based Mental Health

Email: charm.mentalhealth [at] Website

Commission on Social Security

Comms Messaging Report- How to talk effectively about social security Powerpoint Presentation

StopSIM- We call on NHS England to publish the joint StopSIM policy in full immediately 

Future Guest ideas: Harrie LS on Active Travel, Pete Marshall on Autism Groups in GM and further afield, Dennis Queen on activism and a Tik Tok song idea. NEON media training. ADAPT from the US, Irish activists, Latin American Activists. Legal experts and training. Outreach, stalls, vacant shop pop ups.


Comms- establish a whatsapp group for general discussion.


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Job title: Project Worker

Hours: 21 hours per week

News Date: 13/07/2023


"But, you don't look disabled!" was the topic of our May monthly members' meeting. 

News Date: 17/05/2023