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What are ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ practices within care? Are ‘unacceptable’ practices necessarily mistreatment? And if not, where do we draw the line between ‘unacceptable’ practices and mistreatment? 

The research project ‘Understanding how care practices can enable or prevent mistreatment of disabled adults in residential care’ is being undertaken by ESRC-funded PhD researcher, Josephine Sirotkin. The research seeks to further our understanding about the mistreatment of people labelled as having ‘cognitive impairments’ in residential care. It considers a broad range of practices under the term mistreatment, including violence and neglect. Yet, it also considers those practices that may not always be considered to be mistreatment, such as inappropriate restraints, seclusion and the denial of choices.

If you have seen practices that you consider to be mistreatment, or if you have seen practices that made you feel uncomfortable, or that you deemed unacceptable, then please consider participating in this project.

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Photograph of Joe Whittaker, a white man in his 50s. He is outside in nature with a lake or river behind him and green leaves of a tree. He is facing the camera and smiling. He is wearing a red t-shirt with the slogan "we know inclusion works" in large bold capital lettering in yellow.

It is with great sadness that the Coalition heard today that our dear friend and colleague, Joe W

News Date: 02/03/2023