From 1st April 2023, we will be entering into a contract-based alliance with Breakthrough UK. This is a type of partnership working.

This is because Breakthrough has unfortunately been unable to secure funding to continue its employment focused work. The only way Breakthrough can continue as an organisation is to significantly downsize and form an alliance with another disabled people's organisation. This contract-based alliance will provide Breakthrough with a "safe harbour" to consolidate their business strategy whilst continuing their policy, voice and influencing activities.

GM Coalition of Disabled People and Breakthrough will continue to be entirely separate organisations. We will have separate staff, budgets, executive council members / trustees, brands and identities. We will be sharing some resources and staff with Breakthrough but will not be making any big changes.

Breakthrough will be making significant structural changes, including saying goodbye to many highly valued members of staff including their CEO Michele Scattergood, who has been instrumental in her leadership and support within the Disabled People's Movement.

While we are very disappointed that a fellow DPO has been met with such circumstances, we look forward to continuing to work closely with Breakthrough UK, and hope we can utilise opportunities for the future.

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Job title: Project Worker

Hours: 21 hours per week

News Date: 13/07/2023


"But, you don't look disabled!" was the topic of our May monthly members' meeting. 

News Date: 17/05/2023