‘Understanding the needs of DPOs in England’ – launch of research report into the state of the DPO sector in England

We are very pleased to have contributed to this report! GMCDP ran focus groups and "mapped" the sector in the North West whilst other regional disabled people's organisations did the same in other parts of the country.

The National Lottery Community Fund (NLCF) funded research report on the state of the DPO sector in England., titled ‘Understanding the needs of DPOs in England’  details findings from extensive research carried out with 100 DPOs across England to understand the current challenges and needs of our sector .

The report gives a detailed snapshot of the issues and challenges our sector is experiencing and puts forward a set of recommendations to strengthen our capacity building, movement building and policy and voice work that if implemented would transform DPOs ability to tackle the deepening structural inequalities faced by Disabled people in a post covid world.

You can download the report here (pdf)

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We have a brief window of time to affect the upcoming budget on Thursday November 17th.

News Date: 09/11/2022


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