No Limits

The Disabled People’s Movement - A radical history


A newly published book by Judy Hunt.


“Every disabled person should read this book. It is the history of the emergence of the Disabled People's Movement in the UK. It was a monumental struggle against oppression and prejudice. The struggle is far from over and there is still much to do. I am disabled. I was there. I am still struggling against institutionalised oppression in the UK. This book is a record of our struggle and is here for young people to learn from, go forward and keep struggling for full equality in our society.” Maggie Davis

“At a time when as Judy Hunt writes: “disabled people are finding many of the gains of the 1980s and 1990s being eroded,” this book is a timely reminder of where those gains came from. Indeed it’s vital to know where we’ve come from in order to understand the current realities we face, to work out how to make progress and to learn from the past. It is also an important book, based as it is on the experiences of someone who was there at the beginning of the struggle amongst disabled people in residential care to have control over their lives, a struggle which gave birth to the movement for independent living in the United Kingdom.” Dr Jenny Morris

“Without Mike Oliver, Vic Finkelstein and Paul Hunt's combined analysis of our oppression, disabled people like me would never have thrown off the chains of our passive, second-class identity to become liberated human beings with rights. We are still on our emancipatory journey and like the women's movement, and other equality struggles, our story is far from over, but goodness we have come far in 50 years!” Baroness Campbell of Surbiton DBE


You can download a 12pt or 18pt PDF version of the book free of charge here 12pt Verision 18pt Version


Audio and braille versions are being produced, and a text only version may be available soon.


The print book costs £19.99. You can order the book by emailing:

huntlimits40 [at]