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Manchester City Council is facing huge budget cuts and this could greatly affect the organisations that receive funding from them. GMCDP is one of those organisations that could be under threat. Could you please respond to these questions here. This will give us valuable feedback which could strengthen our case for continued funding. We can keep all of your feedback anonymous if you wish.

GMCDP needs your views

Manchester City Council is also giving you the chance to respond to their decisions here

Manchester City Council Budget Options

Contact GMCDP by:

Phone: 0161 636 7534
Mobile for text messages: 07508 537561
Our email address is still:

Postal address:
Unit 4
Windrush Millennium Centre
70 Alexandra Road
Moss Side
M16 7WD

What is the Coalition?

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) is an organisation of disabled people; that is, controlled by disabled people. Only disabled people can be on the Management Committee and vote at meetings, and GMCDP employs only disabled workers.

GMCDP does, however, welcome the involvement of non-disabled supporters, who appreciate that control of our own organisations is an essential part of disabled people achieving control over their own lives.

The Coalition recognises that disabled people are discriminated against and actively opposes the segregation of disabled people.

What are GMCDP’s aims?

  • GMCDP aims to promote the independence and integration of disabled people in society.
  • GMCDP aims to identify and challenge the discrimination faced by disabled people in society today.
  • GMCDP aims to encourage and support the self-organisation of disabled people

GMCDP Membership

GMCDP Membership runs from 1 April-31 March. Please go to our Membership Page for more information.