The Accessibles #3 - Access Denied: Until Future Notice

In the third issue of the award winning The Accessibles, the team travel into the future to have a look at how The Social Model Of Disability is implemented to make society accessible for everyone. The Accessibles was written by young disabled people at GMCDP with superb local comic artist Jim Medway.

The Accessibles #2 - Disability Hate Crime: What It Is And How To Report It

In the last issue...

Using a time travelling pendant watch, both Josh (or Professor Accessible, if you prefer...) and Hannah, journeyed through the ages, witnessing the history of disabled people in Manchester. They also looked at how disabled people have been portrayed in the media and how disabled people started to campaign for their rights...

About the Accessibles

The Accessibles #1 - The Time Is Now

The Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People’s (GMCDP’s) Young Disabled People Taking Action project started in January 2015 for young disabled people 18 - 30 and is funded by a legacy left by Kevin Hyett a founder member and treasurer of GMCDP who passed away in March 2004.

Kevin was passionate about young disabled people being involved in all aspects of GMCDP’s work so it is was agreed young disabled people within the Greater Manchester area would be given the opportunity to become involved and be an important part in taking the organisation forward.