Nothing About Us Without Us activity day

Saturday 5 January 2019

1.00pm - 5.00pm


Drop in, explore the exhibition and meet some of the activists and campaigners that helped to put it together.

Category: GMCDP News
Date: 2018-Dec-20

All of us at GMCDP were very sad when we heard that Chris Hughes had died on 22 November 2018. We send our thoughts to Chris’s friends, and especially his family as Chris’s younger brother, Andrew, also died 2 days before Chris.

Chris Hughes
Category: GMCDP News
Date: 2018-Dec-06



Manchester Poverty Truth Commission is setting out with this question: What if people who have directly faced poverty were involved in decisions about poverty? Poverty Truth Manchester


Category: GMCDP News
Date: 2018-Dec-07

The GMCDP Annual General Meeting (AGM) is this Thursday (6pm-9:30pm)


Category: GMCDP News
Date: 2018-Dec-04

From Tony Baldwinson


Are We Oppressed?

Category: GMCDP News
Date: 2018-Dec-03