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Manchester Disabled People’s Project

The Manchester Disabled People’s Project empowers disabled adults of all ages (aged 15 and above) who live in Manchester City to be in charge of our own lives and well-being, by enabling us to learn how to effectively respond to and challenge discrimination, how to express our access needs within our relationships and the wider community, how to advocate for accessibility and fair and equal treatment of oneself and other people, and how to resist and challenge disablist discrimination in all its forms.

Through providing workshops, training sessions, and peer-support spaces, we want to boost individuals’ confidence and upskill people with impairments, and collectively challenge disabling attitudes and physical and organisational barriers. The sessions can revolve around any topic of interest which is related to disabled people’s lives and wellbeing.

The project encourages the initiative of disabled people to contribute their own ideas, get involved in volunteering, and to develop a set of transferable skills related to media production, outreach, peer support and advocacy. We want people to build up people’s confidence, and hope to enable other disabled people to take up a range of accessible volunteering opportunities across Manchester.

Does this sound exciting to you? Then please get in touch!

GMCDP is for people who self-define as a disabled person, and face attitudinal, organisational or physical barriers of any kind.

If you are not sure whether you identify as disabled, come along and have a chat with us, or contact us via email, phone, text, voice mail, or postal service. You can also get in touch on facebook and twitter!

The first sessions of the project are taking place now!

Find out more about these sessions here

Contact Gemma

Email: gemma [at] gmcdp.com

Tel: 0161 636 7536