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The following information is about the GMCDP AGM on 23rd March 2021, which will be held using Zoom.

The meeting will be recorded. GMCDP's first virtual AGM could be part of our future history and we want to preserve it. We would also like to take screenshots (photographs) which may be used in GMCDP publicity such as our annual report. If you would prefer not to be photographed, you can turn your camera off.

When you join the meeting you'll be in a virtual waiting room before you are admitted.

The default setting is for attendees' cameras to be on, but you can select to join without video if you prefer. Your microphone will be set to mute when you join but you can unmute yourself to speak. It is good etiquette and more accessible if microphones are muted when people are not speaking.

Please make sure that your name is set to the same name that you use for your GMCDP membership. To change your own name that is displayed, hover over your name in the participants list and click Rename. You can permanently change your name in your profile.

We will be using Zoom polls for voting. There will be a practice poll at the start. If polls are not accessible to you, you can tell your vote to one of the hosts in the chat.


There will be a BSL interpreter and live captioning. 

If you need to use the BSL interpreter, you can 'pin' them so that they are the main person you see. 
On Mac or Windows:
1. At the top of your meeting window, hover over the video of the participant you want to pin and click ...
2. From the menu, click Pin.
On Android or iOS: 
1. Swipe left to enter to Gallery View.
2. Double-tap the video of the participant you want to pin.

If you need to use captioning:
On Mac, Windows and Chrome OS:
click Closed Caption  to start viewing closed captioning
On Android or iOS:
Tap the Settings icon 
Tap Meeting.
Toggle Closed Captioning to on. 


You may be used to using the chat in Zoom meetings. For this meeting the setting is that chat messages can only be sent to the host or cohosts. This is because chats sent to everybody can be distracting to participants who use screenreaders. There will be a chance for members to ask questiong. This can be done in the chat to a host, or verbally by raising your hand and waiting for one of the chairs to call you to speak..