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Shaping Our Inclusion

Shaping Our Inclusion banner featuring members of the group sat around a table



Core Group

Are you a young disabled person aged between 20-30 years old?

Do you want to make a difference?

We are looking for committed young disabled people to get involved with our organisation, the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP)

GMCDP is a 100% disabled people’s organisation that has a long history of campaigning for the rights and full inclusion of disabled people. We are a leading disabled people’s organisation with a national profile –and we like to put young disabled people at the heart of our organisation. We see young disabled people as the future of our organisation, and we see them as the future role models, the future trainers, the future campaigners and the future leaders of our organisation.

Disabled people are the experts in disability issues and you could become a trainer and deliver training to service providers, parents and even other disabled people. You could become a leader and work with our organisation’s executive council in sub-groups to make decisions that affect the whole organisation. You could also meet up with other young disabled people and share your experiences. We are funded to meet your access needs.

The Core group are the essential part of this project. You will help support the ‘Change Projects’ and ‘Service Providers’.

If this sound likes you, get involved with us and help shape our future

Drop us a line here

Or call us on 0161 636 7538


Change Projects

Shaping Our Inclusion is going to go into places where young disabled people (15-19 year olds) go to and talk about the things they would like to change. These are then turned into mini ‘Change Projects’ that result in young disabled people effecting change in those places, be that perceptions or the way things are done. We work in small groups (up to 6 people) over a series of sessions to explore the issues. Members of our Core group are encouraged

We are currently working with groups in Manchester, Oldham and Stockport.