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Including Young Disabled People

The Including Young Disabled People was a five year project for young disabled people between the ages of 15-25, who live in the Greater Manchester area. The project was a forum for young disabled people to share their views and a place for them to develop their training, consultancy and mentoring skills. All good things come to an end, and unfortunately the IYDP project finished at the end of January 2015.

What we did on the project?

The project supported young disabled people to:

  • Have your say on the services you use through consultation
  • Meet other young disabled people
  • Talk about issues that young disabled people
  • Take part in training and develop their skills
  • Become a volunteer and bank their time. We had a different and inclusive way of looking at volunteering
  • Help us make information accessible in print and on the web
  • Join the steering group and plan where the project is heading
  • Get involved in the task groups


What have you done so far on the project?

  • Ran events and conference
  • Delivered training to  service providers throughout Greater Manchester (and beyond)
  • We have been asked about our thoughts on such things as public transport, development of new services and our view on services throughout Greater Manchester
  • We have trained in disability issues, traing to become a trainer and much more!
  • Get involved with and influence a major disabled people’s organisation. Young people’s views are taken very seriously here at the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People
  • Developed a magazine called B+ Positive that was distributed throughout Manchester.


Photo by Daniel Lawless


Some members of the Including Young Disabled People Project went along to a recent campaign against ATos, who are carrying out Work Capability Assessments on behalf of the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP). read more about it here

atos demo edit katie


 On the Including Young Disabled People Project, there were plenty of opportunities for training. One of the things that the project wants to develop is young disabled people becoming trainers themselves. Young disabled people can send a powerful message to service providers, parents and other young disabled people. Last year, we ran a ‘Train The Trainers’ programme, so young disabled people could learn and develop skills to deliver training.


Photo by Daniel Lawless




Transitions are changes that every young person goes through. They can often be tricky times. More often than not, it can end up far more trickier for young disabled people – because there can be a lot more issues and a lot more services involved.  Pathfinder was an initiative set up by Manchester City Council that looked at the processes involved when young disabled people made the transition into adulthood.

It was recognised that was a big problem in the past and the program set out to make all the services work together better. In the past different services would do different things and it could create a lot of confusion.

Lots of research was conducted throughout the yearwith young disabled people. Manchester City Council asked the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People to speak to young people about their experiences and how they thought the Pathfinder was going. Katie Cragg, who was originally a volunteer on the the IYDP project was employed to undertake the job. Katie had developed her skills on the IYDP and had the experience to go about and speak to the young disabled people involved.

Photo by Daniel Lawless

On October 4th 2013, the Pathfinder held a conference for young disabled people to finalise the initiative. On the day, there were workshops, video diaries and presentations.

banner making workshop Header

On Friday 20th June 2014, Members from Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People, spearheaded by members of the Including Young Disabled People met up at the Peoples History Museum in Manchester.

The purpose was to look at the history of banners and how these have been used to raise awareness of grass roots political movements in recent history.

Banner from People's History Museum

Banners from the People’s History Museum

The workshop began with a tour around the Main Gallery by the resident artist and we looked at collection of banners that reflected groups such as the Suffragettes, Miners’ and Union workers and other working class movements.

In discussion, the group saw the similarities between the Disability Rights movement and other people’s movements.

The purpose of the visit was for Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People to design a banner for the organisation. The group through discussion decided that it was important that the name of the organisation should be a prominent feature. The group decided that ‘Its society that disables me, not my impairments’ was a statement that reflected GMCDP’s central philosophy: The Social Model.

Young disabled people making banner

Pictures of young disabled people making a banner




B+ Positive: Access Granted

In 2014, the members of Including Young Disabled People project decided to make a follow up magazine to B+ Positive (a magazine that was commissioned by Voluntary Youth Manchester). As it was an enjoyable process and the magazine was a good calling card for the project, the group thought that it would be a good idea to do another.

Using the skills they had picked up doing the first magazine, this was a fast paced and busy bunch of sessions, but the the magazine came in exactly on time and we were all pleased with the results

Download here:

B+ Magazine: Access Granted

Information and Forum report Banner

Before the end of the project, we compiled a report about the information needs of young disabled people throughout Greater Manchester. This is available to read here

GMCDP – Information and Forum Report

We were funded by: